Multiple sclerosis and treatments in Swiss Medica clinic is created customized therapy procedures for each patient. We in our Ms therapy center understand that symptoms, age, progression of a disease, gender, health conditions, medical history etc vary and are unique to every individual, therefore we take time to learn each detail about our patients in order to form a treatment combination that is perfectly suitable.

We want to learn more about our patients to bring stem cell therapy in right way.

Multiple Sclerosis treatment with stem cells

Recent stem cells and Ms discovery brings revolutionary solution to all patients suffering from this autoimmune disease. Stem cells can renew damaged Myelin and through time, this process is known as remyelination. 
Also procedure with stem cells offers immunomodulation, meaning that the chance of immune system attacking its own organism and nerve cells again is drastically decreased. This individually oriented Ms treatment can be done in couple of hours, and they consists of four single steps:
- Harvesting
- Separation
- Activation
- Treatment

Also clinic uses advanced therapy methods in order to provide more effective treatment procedure, revitalizing and regenerating procedures that can augment treatment results.

Multiple Sclerosis and stem cell treatment

Multiple Sclerosis treatment

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